Mad Men – Ep. 13 – The Wheel

We are finally here. The season finale of Mad Men. My expectations are high and cannot wait to watch this. I can’t wait to continue to watch this show once I’m done blogging. All the build-up, all the questions, everything we wanted to know, will be revealed. Well, most of what we want to know. After completing this episode I couldn’t be happier. There are so many different elements in this episode that were brought out and that is why I fell in love with the show, and it leaves plenty of room for season 2.

The episode is titled “The Wheel,” because of a product the agency takes on. However, I think a different meaning is necessary. I look at it as the season coming to an end, full circle. In the beginning of the season we met these characters, and have seen them grow through this character driven show, and it is beautiful to watch.

Lets start with Peggy, now in charge of the “weight loss machine” we met a few episodes ago, is screening people for ads. We met her when she just started at the agency as a secretary and now she has grown well with the company. She is tough and confident and thinking like a man. Peggy had to be rushed to the hospital and she finally gives birth. We all knew this was coming and hopefully she will lose that pregnancy weight. She was at a loss of words and didn’t even want to see the baby. I can’t wait to see when she presents the baby to Pete. Pete and his wife Trudy spoke about having a child of their own. How ironic? What is she going to do with the baby? She wasn’t even excited. This worries me and we will need to wait for the next season to find this one out.

Don’s wife Betty is maturing. She finally expressing her feelings to Don and to whoever would listen. She even went to Glenn! Remember him?! Last episode I felt bad for her because she seemed like a lost cause. She is starting question Don’s loyalty and she will eventually find out what he has done. I’m wondering what is going through her head. Betty admits to the therapist that she feels bad for Don. This is something I would have never expected to hear her say. I think she knows he is unfaithful, but wants proof first. This will be an ongoing storyline next season.

I’m happy we saw Glenn once again. He was such a creep when he took a lock of Betty’s hair earlier this season. This was nice moment because Betty looked for someone to connect to and it happened to be a child. It shows hoe young she acts and how she told him “adults don’t know anything.” Her confiding in Glenn, a young boy shows that she emotionally still has not turned the corner.

Don Draper, my favorite character, we meet as a hard-working, successful man. We originally think he is a bachelor, but we find out at the end of the first episode, he is married. I never would have thought that seeing him jump from numerous women, staying out late and sometimes not even sleeping home. Don is a product of his environment. He never knew what is was like having a close family as we saw the last episode. We can’t blame his actions entirely on him, but in this episode we saw a different side of him. The presentation Don facilitated for the wheel with Kodak, or as he would call it “The Carousel,” was moving. It would be up there with my favorite scenes of the season. He realizes what he has, he goes through a series of pictures with his family including childhood pictures with Adam and he comes to terms with his family life. Truly amazing. Now he wants to go away for the holidays with his family. He was so happy to finally go home to his family, which we never see, but his family is gone and he is alone. The writers fooled us by showing a beautiful scene of Don coming home to his family, but it was just what was going through Don’s mind.  I felt terrible for Don because we have not seen him so driven to see his family and his came up short. I’m going to have to give it a rating of 4.7/5. It wasn’t a perfect finale, but it had enough elements in it to tease us with suspense for the next season.

We feel everything that goes on emotionally with the characters in this show, with the exception of Pete, especially after he was fuming because he has to work with Peggy and her proven talent in the future. Overall, the season was filled with outstanding drama and woah, what a ride it has been. The authenticity, the acting, and writing is some of the best I’ve ever seen. There are many questions coming up for the coming seasons and I am pumped for what’s to come.

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