Mad Men – Ep. 11 – Indian Summer

This episode is titled “Indian Summer,” and the weather this weekend felt like the summer. I watched this on my iPhone at home on Mothers Day. I am still trying to get over the idea that Roger Sterling had a serious heart attack this past episode. We haven’t seen much of Peggy lately until now and she had a big role literally, in this episode.

It is official, Peggy Olson is huge. It is very noticeable and I am starting to think a pregnancy with Pete’s baby is an angle coming up for her. Peggy is also getting some opportunities in the office. Don gave her an account a few weeks ago, with the lipstick company and now he asked her for help with another project. The product is introduced as a weight loss machine, but apparently it gives women “sensations.” The next day Don and the team had a meeting when they brought her in to explain how it works. It was really funny because she did not want to say what it does exactly. Don got it out of her and the team was impressed with her analysis.

The episode begins with Don’s brother Adam, sending out a package to Don and then committing suicide. I really did not see that coming. However, we haven’t seen Adam in a while so I figured he was doing something. I felt really bad for him. He had no one except Don and he gave him money and sent him off. I wonder how Don will take the news of this. He doesn’t usually show his emotions with his family, but this should hit him hard. Pete, was hanging in Don’s office because he wants to wear his skin and the package came. I’m wondering what type of blackmail he will try to pull on him.

Lucky Strikes has another meeting with Sterling Cooper and they wanted Roger’s attendance. When he came into the office he looked terrible. He was pale as a ghost, but made the best of his appearance. Joan came to put makeup on him to make him look presentable and of course he presented her with his sleazy lines. Awesome. Joan must feel horrible. She just cried about him having a heart attack and he is telling her that she is “the finest piece of ass.” Never a dull moment with Roger Sterling, that is for sure. Suddenly at the meeting, Roger has another heart attack. What is going on?!?! I hope they don’t kill off Roger he is too valuable to lose.

Betty is lonely at home and gets her own sensation with the clothes dryer and it is pretty sad. Don is out cheating on his wife and the only pleasures she can get is by manually leaning over the dryer. She fantasizes an air conditioning salesman that came to the house. It was a weird run in and eventually she told him to leave. This caused a fight between Don and Betty and now I am officially endorsing their divorce. It is just not working and I think it would be best if they break it off. Heck, I’ll take Betty if Don isn’t interested.

With Roger out, Cooper offers Don a position as partner with the agency. This is my favorite scene of the episode. He accepts right away, and seeing him and Peggy happy was a relief. He gives her the rest of the day off and a raise. How awesome is that? I can’t wait to see Don as the engine running the agency and see how far he is going to take it. Don has success written on his forehead.

Sidenote: I loved when Rachel Menken was out with her friend when they refer to Don as a “Goy.” A Goy in Hebrew means a non-Jew and it is funny seeing it on TV because I’ve heard it my whole life via  Yeshivah.

I rate this episode a 4.5/5. I really enjoyed most of it except with Roger and his heart attacks and the ongoing fights between Don and Betty. Otherwise, the writing and acting is great as usual and I am awaiting another good episode.

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