Mad Men – Ep. 10 – Long Weekend

I am watching this episode alone on my laptop on a Friday afternoon. The episode is titled “Long Weekend,” and I thought that was fitting. Let me first give you my initial reaction from this episode. Wow. Talk about some good TV. This episode was dark, unpredictable, and very realistic. After that experience I would say this episode concentrated about how life can change at any moment.

Roger Sterling, the founder of the agency, and one of my favorite characters finally has an episode centered around him. We see how sleazy he is in this episode. I think most girls would be disgusted by his attitude and disrespect towards them, but I think that is what makes his character great. By the way he’s married, and oh what a womanizer. Roger was fooling around with a newly hired girl and he suddenly got a heart attack, and is not in good condition. I did not see that coming. This hits him hard when we see him in the hospital bed later in the episode. Don is also really affected by it and surprisingly Joan as well.

Don had to remind Roger his wife’s name is Mona, not Mirabelle, the girl he was getting with. I think Don starts to realize that this can be him, on his way to the hospital, after cheating on his wife. Coincidentally, Don goes to Rachel Menken’s apartment. Don and his team met with Rachel and her father this episode about her department store. Don always had something for her, and she definitely had feelings for him as well. I don’t know why he picked Rachel to see after such a tragedy and not Betty, or say Midge. Maybe he looks at Rachel as someone who he can talk to, someone similar to him. Betty is beautiful, but immature and Midge he likes to sleep with. I don’t think Don’s intentions with Betty are good after seeing this episode. Don gets very intimate with Rachel and tells her “this is all there is.” He comes onto her, and she backs away, but they eventually start to kiss and you know where that goes. Later, Don tells her some things we never heard him tell anyone, and that is about his past.

Joan also had a big angle in this episode. Like I said, Roger came onto her this episode and she seemed disinterested. However, her roommate confessed her love for her. At first Joan tried to downplay it, which is what I would try to do. Actually I would freak out, but she played it cool. Joan had at least 2 guys and 1 girl hit on her this episode, talk about a hot commodity. We always see Joan keep her composure. When she heard the news about Roger, she broke down. Roger also couldn’t compose himself when he saw his family. It could be that he is realizing all the bad he has done for the people who care about him most. I felt terrible during that scene. Roger is either serious or messing around, but we never saw his emotional side, and I think that was needed. When Joan was crying, maybe it was from her long day and everything going on in her life, but mostly I think it was about Roger. Maybe she really does have feelings for him? We can only wait and see.

This episode I would say it definitely a cliffhanger. The suspense I have for next episode between Roger’s health and how he will end it and Don’s relationship with Rachel. Will we finally see an obvious (I think) end to Betty and Don’s marriage? Or will it be heartbreak for Rachel again? I’m hoping to see a lot, the anticipation is killing me especially with the finale coming up. Mad Men hits us with another A+ episode.

Rating: 5 of 5.

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