The West Wing – Pilot

After a long test in Mass Media class, we are required to stay for a film. I never enjoy this stuff and today we watched the pilot episode of The West Wing. I always heard of this show but never seen it and I was a little interested to see what is was all about. I knew the show had to do with politics and the president so how bad can it be.

The series bean with the President of the US in a bike accident that everyone in the White House Staff is talking about. Just a little sidenote, I loved how they mentioned Muammar Gaddafi in the show, how ironic! We meet Sam Seaborn, Deputy Communications Director, who spends the previous night with a prostitute. Prior to this he had no idea and once he finds out it is pretty funny. A  group of people come to speak to the Chief of Staff and others and they seem to be disagreeing with something. This is where I started to get confused and I lost a lot of interest because it seems like there is too much going on to follow.

This debate gets heated until the President comes in (played by Martin Sheen) and explains to them how he got into the bike accident. When he walks in everyone’s face got lit up and he was just awesome. He told off the people debating with the Staff and banned them from the White House. He totally told them off and it left me smiling.

With all the talk happening with the President, the press was all over the Staff. They were saying that the White House was not focused and it is leaving everyone on edge. There also was an angle with one of the staff members that it was there last day at the White House. I didn’t understand why he was going to be terminated, but the president said he can stay.

I loved the authenticity of the show and how real they portrayed the White House and how it is run. I came to the conclusion that the show is going to be about the Staff of the White House. I think it is a really cool concept, but I’m not sure if it caters to my liking. I will definitely give the show another shot and see what else it brings.

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