Mad Men – Ep. 9 – Shoot

Betty is the center of this episode and there is tons of character development for her. Betty mentioned to Don she was a model more than a few times and when Don runs into Jim Hobart, an executive at another ad agency, he offers Betty a modeling job. She is ecstatic, however Don thinks otherwise. Gender roles comes into play here. He thinks it’s just to court him to work for them. Betty normally just a housewife would love to finally get out of her element because she is limited and trapped all day at house, while the men obviously work and go out more often. Betty is telling Dr. Wayne about it and said she feels old that she now married. I think Betty also liked the attention given to her by Hobart because she is almost unappreciated in the show. Don can’t say no to her now.

Don knows that the modeling will eventually lead to her failure and Betty is unaware of this. Don is looking out for her, but he won’t tell her he is getting gifts from Jim at the office. I liked how Don isn’t “ruining her moment” because she knows how he feels, but he also sees how happy she is. If Don rejects an offer from Hobart, they are definitely cutting ties with her as well.

Betty’s next day at shooting, the director speaks with her at the end telling her that they are “moving international.” This destroys Betty and you can see how much she cared about this. The line that the director said that really got to me was, “this has nothing to do with you.” That is true, it all has to do with Don. Don is not interested in the agency, the agency is not interested in Betty. It’s a shame because we really got to see Betty in a different light, a different type of happiness and that is all going away.

That night when Don gets home she lies to him that she is just not interested in modeling anymore. He senses something is wrong, but he is saying all of the rights things to her to make her happy. Don gets an A today for being a great husband. I don’t like seeing Don cheat on his wife and unfortunately it will eventually catch up to him, but it was nice to see him at home with her for a full episode.

What I loved about this episode was the final scenes. Don goes to work like he normally does and Betty is shown with the kids, doing laundry and other housewife chores. However, she seems happier than she was and it seems like she has come to terms with her life. Betty than goes to the yard and starts shooting at stray birds in front of her neighbor that yelled at her children. Really great scene, showing a different side of her, or even a women. She is taking control of her life and that is what the scene is portraying. I think Betty is really coming into her own and becoming a really enjoyable character. Who knows what she will do next?!

I am rating this episode a 5/5. I am in a good mood today because the weekend is upon us. I am watching this episode on my computer in the morning; a really relaxing day. I also loved the fight between Pete and Ken after Ken made a few remarks about Peggy. It was nice seeing Pete stand up for her, and Ken deserved that sucker punch.  The greatest part was Roger and Don, careless of what was going on, walking out of the office without flinching. Betty was shown in a few different ways. One as a housewife of course, then being active as a model and that last scene with the gun. It shows the lives of women in the 60’s but not only with Betty, but with Peggy and her struggles at work. I liked seeing Betty’s development and who knows what she will do next!

    • Ryan Marcus
    • April 19th, 2011

    This was probably your best post. Very nice job. I would suggest modeling your last set after this one. You kept the summaries low and the analysis strong. Good job.

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