Mad Men – Ep. 7 – Red in the Face

I am watching this episode at midnight. I am sleepy, but glad I was able to finish this one off. It kicks off with Don on the phone with Betty’s psychologist Dr. Wayne. The Dr. is saying that Betty has a lot of childish emotions in her. I like how Don is monitoring this situation. He does care about his wife more than some would think. Betty, Don, Sterling, and Pete all deal with edgy situations in this episode.

One night Roger joins Betty and Don for dinner. Betty didn’t love the idea at first but agreed to it anyway. I felt bad for her once they were eating because she didn’t eat the meat. She only had enough food for Don and herself and now she had to eat salad. After dinner, Don was was getting some more alcohol when Roger started to hit on Betty. Not cool. I did not like when Roger did this regardless if he was drunk or not. This is another theme of how men think they are superior to women then. Roger thinks he can go up to any girl, even Don’s wife and get away with it. Don finds out and is irate. He lets Betty knows how he felt disrespected in his own home, but to Sterling he kept quiet. This causes some problems in Don’s relationship with Betty and it hurts me because they are a pretty cute couple when they are happy.

Pete got a wedding gift from his wife’s aunt. He brought it to return and exchanged it for a wooden rifle. His wife was extremely upset after finding out what he did. Honestly, it was an ugly chip-n-dip. He got heat at work when he brought it so buying the rifle gave him some more confidence while returning that day. I feel like Pete is never comfortable and it kind of irks me, but this episode he was pretty normal. He thought he was doing something good by returning and could not get a refund. They only accepted for an exchange. He lost a lot of that confidence when he tried to talk his way to getting the refund but the girl wasn’t buying that.

My favorite part of the episode is when Betty runs into Helen at the supermarket one day. This was really awkward. We haven’t seen Helen since the episode with her son Glen. Helen brought up what happened with him and Betty tried to deny it. Then Betty slapped Helen in the face. Awesome. I actually really like Betty. She finally showed some emotion. Usually she would be really easygoing, quiet and put together, but when she slapped Helen she got some more points with me.

At the end of the episode, Roger, Don, and Cooper have a meeting with the Nixon staff. Don plays a great move on Roger. I look at it like some type of payback. Don paid off the elevator attendant to place an “out-of-order” sign forcing them to walk up 23 flights of stairs after a heavy lunch including alcohol of course. Once they got upstairs Roger threw up in front of the Nixon staff. A truly embarrassing scene for Roger and Don laughing about it was awesome. It shows his sense of humor and it was so conniving.

The drinking and smoking in this episode did its job. It paints a perfect picture of how society was like in the 60s and I wish it was that easy today to just have a glass of scotch in work. I liked how both Pete and his wife and Don and Betty were having relationships problems. I rate this episode a 4/5. It was a step up from the last episode and the acting and writing was terrific. The show does not need special effects or big production to be successful and that’s what I love about Mad Men.

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