Mad Men – Ep. 6 – Babylon

From the name of this episode I knew I would like it. It starts off with Don making breakfast for Betty on Mother’s Day and I’m loving how good he is being to her lately, but I don’t know how long that will last. As he is walking up the stairs he falls and hits the ground. When he falls there was a flashback from when he was a kid. This is something I didn’t really expect, but absolutely loved it. It immediately reminded me of “Lost” because that was a big part of their episodes. It portrays Don as a kid during the birth of his little brother Adam. I knew it wasn’t the last of him and it shows how much of it is still on his mind. That night, Don and Betty are very intimate in their bedroom and she tells him how she loves him very much and I can’t help but to just feel sorry for her because he is playing her out. Regardless of how awesome it is, you still feel bad.

Back at Sterling Cooper, Don and Roger have a meeting with Israelis to try to expand tourism. Don is handed the book titled Exodus and this is where we get our episode title. Babylon, modern-day Iraq is where the Jews were exiled after the destruction of the first temple and in the Old Testament, Exodus writes about the Jews leaving exile. You can tell Don is trying his best to help them, but also having a hard time figuring out how to fulfill their needs.

The shocker of the episode has to be Joan and Roger having an affair. Definitely a WTF moment for me, especially when we meet Roger’s wife and daughter this episode. Don is obviously the first person we think of when we see an affair on the show but it is different with Roger. He explains to Joan how he was thinking about getting a divorce. Don at least loves his wife and you see that. I had a feeling Joan was up to something with someone at Sterling Cooper because she seemed so calm when Peggy told her about Don.

My favorite scene is when all the ad men are in the room with the one way window. The women from the company are on the other side thinking its a mirror, but they can all see and its great. The men are just relaxing with some drinks watching the show. It is almost disrespectful to women, however they were not aware, and it was the 60’s. The women were brainstorming for a lipstick company and Peggy came up with an idea for it and it was nice to see her get involved a little more in the show. Joan definitely knew about the men looking at the mirror and by her body language and the way she looked into the mirror it was obvious. Then, she bent down to give the men some action. Roger seemed upset because he is very overprotective of her and I think she did it to make him jealous.

I thought it was a solid episode. Good, not great so I am giving this the rating of a 3.5/5. It is my lowest rating yet, but expecting a lot more to come.


    • Ryan Marcus
    • April 19th, 2011

    This post was a slightly better than your first set. However, there was still a little too much summary. Again though, your points on gender roles were well made. However, do you really think they didn’t know what they were doing to women, or do you think they just didn’t care?

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